‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’

This is sun institute of agricultural & Research’s (SIAS) mission. sun institute of agricultural & Research is a research institution that focuses on the domain ‘healthy food and living conditions’. We do not just develop top-quality expertise; we also help translate our knowledge into practice India wide. That is why we do fundamental research all over the India. And finally, we also train professionals who, in the near and distant future, will disc world over breakthroughs in science and technology.


The India is changing radically. The world’s population is growing while the population of the  world is aging. The pressure on land use is increasing, thus giving less environmentally damaging forms of food producing more chance. The climate is changing and fossil fuels become scarcer, which offers the possibility of utilizing profitable sustainable.

For the urgent challenges within our domain there are no clear-cut solutions. Therefore we cherish the close collaboration that exists between the natural and social sciences at SIAS. But we also look beyond our own domain, by applying our developed knowledge in the domain of ‘healthy food and living conditions in nature’ elsewhere as well.

In the coming years we want to further expand our leading position in this field. We are looking to close collaboration with governmental organisations, commercial businesses, fellow institutions and universities at home and abroad. We want to share knowledge and to find sustainable solutions to the challenges that the world is facing. That is the infinite ambition of SIAS & Research

The B.Sc.(Ag.) degree in India is typically a 4-year course under credit based semester system. The minimum qualification for entry to B.Sc.(Ag.) is Intermediate (12 years of school education) in Science (with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics).

Reasons to join with SUN:


Rigorous academics

UGC & Govt recognized degree, you can maximize the value of your SU degree. Options include Dual Degree programs, combined B.Sc Ag/M.Sc Ag programs, our innovative University-wide general education program. You’ll explore Hub areas ranging from Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy to Scientific Inquiry to Ethical Reasoning, in courses both in and out of your major.


Real world experience

Because we’re right in SU, you have a wealth of opportunities to consider in your field of study or area of special interest.  We’ve also planning to send students across the country and around the world for internships and more.

A bright future

A SU degree opens doors. Recruiters and CEOs rank our graduates in the India for employability. We invest in your future, too—with dedicated career services for students and alumni.

A city unlike any other

Visakhapatnam is one among smart cities of India..its an tourist place to visit many places like Rk beach,rushikonda beach,yerada,these are beaches.which feels us that one from different others.and last but not least from Vishakapatnam the coolest and beautiful locations are situated with nature like Araku, lambasing.Good scope for industrial growth to get more job opportunities.IT Hub, Gaming Zone Etc.

A residential campus

Our Campus located at sujathanagar (Vizag-Araku road), We are providing hostel facility for girls and boys separately inbuilt campus nearby field, it’s looking wonderful, non polluted area, perfect suitable for academics.provides a variety of living communities. We guarantee on-campus housing for all years of your undergraduate experience.Special care for Non-­English medium students.Campus recruitment training.Etc.