Department of Genetics

 The Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Department of Genetics and plant breeding is an exciting and ever green subject on  account of its relevance at the time of Climate change and narrow downed  genetic diversity in cultivated crop species. It is a compulsion particularly for agricultural graduates  to understand the fundamental genetic principles to opt out various carrier option from perusing  higher studies in the same field  as well as to choose options in other fields  like Biotechnology, Bioinformatics , biochemistry and conservation biology . Our department focuses on teaching and practical aspects of Transmission Genetics, cytogenetics  and advanced molecular genetics

With the advent of Molecular techniques and Genome sequence information, the applications of this knowledge is just begun and future prospects are much promising, along with traditional breeding approach the New breeding techniques (NBT) which is aided with DNA Markers improves accuracy to develop new varieties to suit not only different climatic conditions but also agronomic traits with farm mechanisation friendly traits.

It is time for the new generation Geneticists and plant breeders  to improve advanced crop varieties with broad insect pest and disease resistance to avoid frequent pest and disease outbreak, the changing climate has unforeseen consequences of emerging minor pest into major pest and sudden outbreak.