Educational Qualifications & Awards

  1. Passed M.Sc. (Ag.) Degree Examination in First Class with Distinction in Agriculture Botany (Genetics & Plant Breeding).
  2. Passed B.Sc. (Ag.) Degree from Andhra University in 1959. Awarded Sri K.V. Reddy Naidu Prize by the Andhra University for merit in Agriculture Botany in 1st, 2nd and Final Examination of B.Sc. (Ag.).
  3. Awarded double promotion by ICRISAT to become Senior Scientist for the genetic research done on Sorghum.


After Retirement:

  • Training coordinator, Bayer – Dr. Ramanaidu Vijnana Jyothi Institute of Agriculture (1 Year Polytechnic course on Seed Technology) Tuniki, Medak Dist.
  • Wrote a book in Telugu “Seed Technology” (విత్తన సాంకేతిక శాస్త్రము) Publ ished by Bayer Crop Science Ltd.
  • Hon Prof. in A.P. Study Circle, Visakhapatnam. Coaching to I.A.S. (English Medium), Group-I, Group-II (English & Telugu Media) to students in Biological Sciences.
  • Hon Prof. in Plant Breeding & Genetics, Agricultural College, Naira, Srikakulam District. A.P. Agricultural University (ANGRAU), Hyderabad (A.P.).
  • Senior Scientist, (Hon) Division of Plant Breeding & Genetics, RARS, Ankapally (ANGARU) Teaching Seed Technology, Plant Breeding & Genetics to Agrl. Polytechnic Students (2 Years Course) in Telugu Medium (2003 – 2004, 2012-2013).
  • Visiting Scientist, Genetic Enhancement Division, ICRISAT, Hyderabad, A.P.
  • Manager, Research and Development (R&D) Vikki Agro-Tech Ltd., (Haritha Seeds), Hyderabad, A.P.
  • Advisor, Genetic Resources and Genetic Enhancement, Vibha Seeds Ltd., Hyderabad, A.P., (Just left on 01-01-2013, After expiry of contract).

Before Retirement:

  • Senior Scientist / Scientist, Genetic Resources Division, ICRISAT, Patancheru, Hyderabad, A.P. (July 1973 – April 1993).
  • Assistant Professor in Botany / Assistant millet Specialist / Research Assistant, A.P., Agricultural University, Hyderabad. (July 1959 – July 1973).



  • Seed production, rejuvenation and conservation of 33,000 accessions of Sorghum and 7,289 accessions of small millets at different temperatures and relative humidities in different types of storages.
  • Maintenance of cytoplasmic-genetic male sterile lines and identifying new sources of restorer lines for hybrid seed production of Sorghum.
  • Coordinating the ICRISAT-ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Multi-location evaluations at New Delhi, Jhansi, Akola, Coimbatore, Trichur, Hisar and Rajendranagar.
  • Collection, maintenance, evaluation, documentation, computerization and classification of Sorghum Germplasm of 33,000 accessions.
  • Assembly, maintenance, evaluation of minor millet germsplams consisting of six crop species (germsplasm).
  • Introgression of useful genes from wild Sorghums into adapted cultivars.
  • Conversion of photoperiod, tall tropical Sorghum to day-neutral short background, to enable easy flow into breeding programs (breeding). (Work published in “AT ICRISAT” enclosed)

At Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University:

  • Varietal improvement in Sorghum and millets by adopting various breeding procedures including bulk and multiple cross methods.
  • Maintenance of Eleusie germsplasm (world collection).
  • Breeding trials, Agronomy trials and All India Coordinated Experiments.

At Private Seed Company:

  • Development of hybrids of Crops Rice, Maize, Cotton, Castor, Jowar, Bajra and Sunflower.
  • Identification and development of new male sterile lines and restorers.
  • Testing of hybrids
  • Seed Technology

Conferences, Seminars, Professional Meetings etc.,

  • INDIA – 9
  • ZIMBABWE – 1
  • USA – 2
  • FRANCE – 1
  • SOMALIA – 1
  • BRAZIL – 1


  1. Journal Articles . Indian &  International — 19

  2. Conference Papers & Book Chapters.  Indian & Inter national —28 

  3.  Newsletters & Work shop proceedings —35

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