Admissions Open 2022
Bsc (Hons) Agriculture + B.Sc Food Science & Nutrition ( Dual programme)
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Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences was started in the year 2016. within a short span of it’s establishment, the institution has made a remarkable stride in the field of education offering various courses at Agriculture ( U.G, P.G, Diploma levels). This milestone is achieved as the institution carved itself to import quality and career oriented education, countering the challenge of the modern world through planning, dedication determination, prompt execution.


At the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, what we offer the world is as unique as our name.We conduct research that looks for solutions to some of the most pressing issues the world faces today. Those include global food security and food safety, the environment, natural resource development, individual and community health, and socio-economic issues surrounding an ageing population.We are an applied science faculty in the enviable position of being able to draw on the social sciences to find what many of our students call real-life solutions. This approach is something we teach our students, providing them with real-world skills as they enter the world market.


Why to Join Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences :


1. Providing spacious and ventilated natural air flow classroom with each class room size 30×30=900sft.

2. We are conducting morning session practical’s and afternoon Theory.

3. Giving visualization teaching explanation.

4. Monitaring every student/ faculty hour base attendance and the way of teaching.

5. Every parent can monitor their ward attendance and academic performance.

6. We have own food processing unit along with cold storage.

7. In campus field facilitated.

8. It is helpful for the security of students.

9. FIRST- AID training for students. It is helpful for mainly farmers facing problem such as unfortunate snakebites, Scorpion bite, pesticide spraying (vomiting’s, anxiety, disorders, psychosis etc.) instant providing FIRST-AID treatment ( with applied terms & conditions).

10. Campus drives for every six months it is helpful for students real time experience.

11. Well experienced faculty with 25 years academic experience.

12. In campus poultry, dairy farm, vermicompost , fish farm, well equipped FIRST- AID ward, Solar power, drip irrigation, vegetable processing unit, cold storage etc. It is helpful for students real-time research programme no need to go any where outside of campus.

13. Customized software development system for students. It is helpful for completing scheduled syllabus and maintenance of students attendance.

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News and Events

1.The prime objective of Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences is to modernize and excel in the quality of professional education.
2.Working group member with RSPO.
3.  2023 Admissions are in progress.

4. We are providing Internship for Agriculture Students

We are providing Internship, Placement & RAWEP, AELP  to the students of CCU 


I got a unique experience with Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences when I approached them. Especially team members of Agriculture Admission department were very friendly. You people made my process hassle-free since from the Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences application to admission.
When I first approached Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences, I was unsure about my future and anxious about the different challenges I was heading forward to face. But Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally.
At Sun Institute of Agricultural Sciences really practical to have some knowledge about this course since farming is very familiar to us because what we eat are basically plants and animals or come from these things. So it's very useful not only in my jobs but also in our lives. I would recommend taking this course for a person who is adventurous and has love for plants and animals.